What’s the Scoop?

If you care about all the little details and such, then this page is for you.

We’re just an average family with just as much crazy (well… probably a little bit more) as the rest.

The idea that ultimately sparked this website was to collect and share family recipes, either created or discovered. We love food. Mom loves to cook. Everyone loves to eat.

What’s with the spoon?

Well, a spoon can be used for any number of things: measuring, stirring, sharing, tasting, mixing, giving medicine, hanging from noses, and even providing discipline (GASP! … once upon a time, parents spanked their kids).  All of those things apply to things that can, have, and do happen at Mom’s Kitchen Table. A spoon is a very versatile tool.

Why Mom’s Kitchen Table?

While the primary purpose of a kitchen table is to gather and eat, at Mom’s Kitchen Table delicious food is consumed, discussions are had, philosophy is contemplated, homework is completed, scriptures are read, consequences are delivered, games are played and memories are made. Aside from my bed, there is no better place in the house.

Life happens at Mom’s Kitchen Table.