Relief Society Declaration

I teach a class at church every month, and I love it! Every month I get to study, contemplate, evaluate and ponder my own life and choices as they relate to the assigned topic for discussion. This past Sunday, I led a discussion based on a talk by President Russell M. Nelson called Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of Israel, which he gave in October of 2018. In his talk he gave several invitations, one of which was to participate fully in Relief Society, and included the plea that we study the Declaration and Purpose Statement of the Relief Society Organization. As I read and pondered these two documents I realized that I hadn’t given much thought to what they really meant, or how they applied to my life… or rather how I applied (or didn’t apply) them to my life. I’m a very visual learner. I decided to create my own version of inspired statements. This is what I created.

Relief Society Declaration and Purpose Statement